Gulfood 2018: Middle East consumer trends

Ahead of Gulfood Manufacturing this week, we share some insights on Middle East consumer trends, including the food and drink habits, viewpoints and behaviours currently prevailing in the region.

5 predictions for food texture trends

By Morgaine Gaye From air-filled food to 3D printing, Morgaine Gaye, Food Futurologist, explains the food and texture trends we are likely to see in the coming years. In recent years, you may have noticed the shift toward smoothies, purees and blended foods. While flavour was once king in our food culture, the texture trend ...

Future of Clean Label Ingredion Blog 1 April 2019

Clean label blog series: The future of clean label

What will the clean label movement look like in the future? Our expert panel shares their thoughts.

Diverse Diets Insight Part Three: Health-Conscious, Busy Parents and Carers

In part three of our diverse diets insight blog series, we examine the needs of Sarah, a busy teacher who also has a baby daughter and elderly father to care for. Read more to explore the needs of consumers who value health and nutrition, but have little time to cook and eat.

Diverse Diets Insight Part Two: Coeliac, Lactose-Intolerant Consumers

In part two of our diverse diets insight blog series, we examine the needs of a coeliac, lactose-intolerant student and running enthusiast from a health and nutrition angle. Read more to discover how consumers avoiding gluten and dairy products can gain maximum nourishment, despite demanding schedules.

Diverse Diets Insight: Health and Nutrition Blog Series

In part one of our diverse diets insight blog series, we use the example of a vegan with a high-powered job and love of working out to examine which types of foods can deliver optimal nutrition, energy and taste for consumers like him.

Five reasons why clean label innovators should attend Fi Europe 2017

Trade show attendance should always have a clear purpose, especially when budget is a consideration. However, in some cases, maintaining a presence is important to remain at the forefront of innovation. For us, this year’s FiE is one such event – here are five reasons why. Anyone operating in the food and beverage industry with ...

What do consumers really think about pulses?

Pulses - a trending healthy food ingredient. Read current consumer insights and findings in our blog.

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