Sugar vs sweeteners: Five insights to help you formulate

Sugar reduction is no longer a trend – it’s embedded in consumer expectations as they routinely look-out for products with “low sugar” or “no added sugar” claims across all applications including beverages, bakery and dairy.  Local government initiatives plus mass media reporting has influenced consumer demand for low sugar products as well as highlighted general consumer concerns for health and wellness. However, consumers are unwilling to compromise on taste, desiring an indulgent, sweet sensory eating experiences from ...

The serial-snacking society

The ‘big night in’ trend driving demand for snacks in shareable formats1 prior to COVID-19 is showing no signs of abating through this ‘new normal’. UK sales in March for share bags alone grew 16% while single pack sales fell by 4.1%.2 With many consumers seeking ‘pick me up’ moments, it is predicted there will ...

Recipe spotlight: cost-effective, succulent chicken strips

Clean label is an enduring trend that manufacturers need to tap into to keep up with consumer demand. But, for meat manufacturers especially, it can be difficult to find ingredients with both a functional and clean label appeal. In the current climate market circumstances, affordability is also a key consideration more than ever before. When ...

Samworth Brothers Charity Challenge

The Samworth Brothers Charity Challenge is a biennial event comprising of a triathlon of hiking, kayaking and mountain biking. Organised by food manufacturing company, Samworth Brothers, the aim is to complete the triathlon and raise as much money for charity as possible. Since the event was created, it has raised over £2 million for various ...

Clean Label Regulatory Blog Post Ingredion

The future of clean label series: Regulating clean label

In this final post of our blog series on the future of clean label, we turn our attention to discussing regulatory developments. Here’s what you need to know about the future of clean label – now. Natural as standard As more companies adopt a natural positioning for their products, Europe-wide regulation for the term ‘natural’ ...

The future of clean label series: Formulation and production

In the second of our blogs exploring the future of simple, natural and clean label products, we share our panellists’ views on how this trend will impact formulation, innovation and production. Here’s what you need to know about the future of clean label - now.

Future of Clean Label Ingredion Blog 1 April 2019

The future of clean label series: Consumer trends

What will the clean label movement look like in the future? Our expert panel shares their thoughts.

Gulfood 2018: Middle East consumer trends

Ahead of Gulfood Manufacturing this week, we share some insights on Middle East consumer trends, including the food and drink habits, viewpoints and behaviours currently prevailing in the region.

Diverse Diets Insight Part Three: Health-Conscious, Busy Parents and Carers

In part three of our diverse diets insight blog series, we examine the needs of Sarah, a busy teacher who also has a baby daughter and elderly father to care for. Read more to explore the needs of consumers who value health and nutrition, but have little time to cook and eat.

Diverse Diets Insight Part Two: Coeliac, Lactose-Intolerant Consumers

In part two of our diverse diets insight blog series, we examine the needs of a coeliac, lactose-intolerant student and running enthusiast from a health and nutrition angle. Read more to discover how consumers avoiding gluten and dairy products can gain maximum nourishment, despite demanding schedules.

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