5 Influential Food Prototypes

From edible balloons to exploding chocolate, we’ve been working with our customers to experiment with textures, taste, sight, smell and sound to create an unforgettable Sensory Experience.

Stimulating consumers’ senses has a huge impact their purchasing decisions, which is why we always try to stay at the forefront of food innovation in the sensory world.

Here are some of our latest creations…

Liquid Olive

The simple olive is a common food to snack on in many parts of the world, but there are none like this. Made completely from liquid, they are encased in a thin film and stored in garlic infused oil. They are made by pureeing and straining the olives.

Using a technique called ‘spherification’, a very thin film forms around the liquid. Once placed inside the mouth with a little pressure from the tongue these balls explode releasing an intense olive soup. Perfect for a light snack.

Apple Balloon

Balloons are normal at children’s birthday parties but these balloons are anything but normal…they’re edible! Made from brown sugar and flavoured with green apples, they are filled with helium.

These innovative apple balloons come attached to a pin so it can be popped, but another way of consuming them can also be to put your lips on the balloon, inhale and enjoy the sweet chewy toffee.

Thai Soup in a Bag

Thai cuisine has been a massive trend in 2016 and loved by many consumers globally. By heating and presenting a hot clear bag of soup to a customer, this serves many purposes. It is not only visually unusual, but when the bag is opened all the aromas are released.

During cooking, none of these aromas are lost to the kitchen, allowing for a fuller flavoured dish.

Last Dessert

This dish is exploding with chocolate. In this interactive experience, Chefs visit your table for the ‘Last Dessert’. After fruit purees and sauces are poured onto your table, different sweet pieces are then placed next to the purees and ice cream is then scooped by the chef directly onto your dish.

Space is left in the middle of the table for the finale, a giant aerated chocolate shell that has been flash frozen with liquid nitrogen. It is then dropped, shattering pieces of light chocolate and clouds of ice everywhere.

Smoked Eel

Smoking adds great flavour to food and looks fantastic when it’s brought to the table. It is also another huge trend from 2016. Professional chefs aren’t the only ones to use this technique either, Amazon says that sales of home smokers have shot up by 200 per cent, and the Waitrose kitchenware shop has started selling woodchips.

After this special eel dish is covered up, smoke fills the air on release. We can create the smoke using different woodchip to complement different foods, such as hickory for chicken or apple for pork.

Get unique Sensory Experience

Consumers want a truly compelling sensory experience – so satisfying that they inspire emotional connections to the brands that deliver them.

If you would like to find out more about our influential food prototypes or to improve the sensory experience of your products go to http://m.ingredion.com/Sensory_Flickbook-Form