How will your food smell in the future?

Marketing experts say consumers follow their noses, which leads them to buy more. The Vice President of Development at ScentWorld events has said publicly that the scent branding industry is currently rising at 10 per cent annually.

The growing interest in the process of olfaction – how things smell – calls upon the relationship between smell and creating nostalgia through involuntary recall.

As a food futurologist, I research food trends to give an indicator of what’s to come.

Here’s a quick look at my view on how our use of smell in a number of sectors will change in the coming years…

Scent branding

Olfactory branding will drive futuristic explorations of our most unexploited sense.

Modern day consumers who consider a low calorie diet important may achieve the same experience from the smells of foods via new scent devices.

Scent branding is beginning to gain momentum as a marketing tool by food and non-food brands. As we see this trend growing, it will be used to retain brand loyalty and sell beyond the visual we are currently familiar with.

Olfaction and scent branding enable brands to create another subliminal touch point that reaches their target markets senses.

‘Fresh’ food

This ‘odour-styling’, will tap into consumers’ most internal sense, giving food brands the opportunity to give food consumers love.

It’s not just food packaging which can incorporate scent into its products to tempt consumers, scent branding can also be integrated into all elements of advertising, from food posters to digital ads and gradually, all elements of marketing.

Growth in popular sectors

The rise of scent branding will also grow in clothing stores, tourist destinations, travel, furnishings and a wide range of experiences from clubbing to theme parks.

Inhaling products

As concerns grow around environmental pollution, the interest in olfaction will extend into practical uses in fashion brands incorporating anti-smog and anti-contamination devices into their accessories and clothing.

Inhaling devices for food, vitamins and beverages will be available as quick and easy solutions for health and wellness.

Watch our video to find out how all the senses play a part in the eating and drinking experience.

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