5 predictions for food texture trends

By Morgaine Gaye

From air-filled food to 3D printing, Morgaine Gaye, Food Futurologist, explains the food and texture trends we are likely to see in the coming years.

In recent years, you may have noticed the shift toward smoothies, purees and blended foods. While flavour was once king in our food culture, the texture trend is now beginning to take over.

No matter what we eat, we make personal, cultural, societal, political and aspirational decisions with everything we buy, grow and consume.

As a food futurologist, I research food trends to give an indicator of what’s to come.

Here are my predictions of how textures will change in all of our eating experiences, and become a much more dominant feature…

1. Transformation of surface textures

The lack of recent interesting developments in the re-texturising of products is the perfect opportunity to create new foods for the consumer.

Transforming surface textures of foods from pies to crisps to seaweed and even bread will create a different response from consumers.

2. Multiple textures

The unexpected mouthfeel of multiple textures within products will develop a more diverse appeal and interest.

Crunchy to smooth to chewy and liquid gives consumers a diverse eating experience.

3. Air-filled food

Air will be the most exploited new texture, as prices increase, air will give the same mouthfeel perception on the size, even if the actual amount of ingredients is less.

Puffing with air will give crunch to products such as avocado or chickpeas and will also enable 3D printing to come to the fore in confectionary, especially chocolate.

4. Details

Detailed textures, lattice shapes and uneven forms will all benefit from the use of 3D printing combined with air and space.

5. Folding

Folding will also come into its own, where malleable ingredients can be shaped into geometric patterns and folds, thus adding dimension and texture.

Contrasting textures will feature in new snacking options which reverse out savoury and sweet or surprise the consumer with new flavour combinations.

Watch our video to find out how all the senses play a part in the overall eating experience.

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