Five reasons why clean label innovators should attend Fi Europe 2017

Trade show attendance should always have a clear purpose, especially when budget is a consideration. However, in some cases, maintaining a presence is important to remain at the forefront of innovation. For us, this year’s FiE is one such event – here are five reasons why.

Anyone operating in the food and beverage industry with an interest in innovation and clean label issues will have the biannual Fi Europe food ingredients show firmly in their diaries.

However, at a time when saving money in food and beverages is a topic at the forefront of manufacturer’s concerns, especially for UK operators amid Brexit negotiations, it’s important to evaluate what benefits trade show attendance will bring.

In the case of Fi Europe, this question is easily answered. For our clean label experts at Ingredion, this year’s Fi Europe represents an invaluable opportunity remain informed about trends, ideas and opportunities in this field, as well as represent our brand and contribute to the cutting-edge solutions available within the industry.

Here are our top five reasons why Fi Europe is an important highlight for anyone exploring or innovating in clean label food and beverages in 2017.

1. Innovation and inspiration in clean label and other trends

Innovation cannot happen without an awareness of and a robust response to consumer trends and needs. Equally important is knowledge of what is happening in the industry right here, right now and what’s on the horizon in the coming months and years. Fi Europe is set to be a hotbed of ideas, discussions and interactions around several key food and beverage trends, including clean label.

2. Education and reflection on the clean label movement

Whether you’re new to the industry, exploring what clean label can do for you or seeking to fill gaps in your knowledge, events such as Fi Europe present an opportunity to get up to speed with the trend’s history, progress and future.

Attending presentations by experts renowned in their fields is an invaluable part of any trade show. Fi Europe will have a specific two-part clean label and natural ingredient agenda in 2017, with discussions of key issues such as reformulating and practical application advice. Our own presentation, delivered by Davy Luyten, EMEA Marketing Manager and clean label expert at Ingredion, will be delivered on the first day and addresses innovating for performance.

3. Discovering opportunities for clean label formulations and savings

As a food and beverage manufacturer, the possibility of finding a solution that improves upon what you already do is a big draw at any event.

With its specific clean label agenda, this edition of Fi Europe could be the place where you discover a new ingredient, money or time-saving method or a process that adds value for your business.

4. Networking with clean label peers and innovators

Networking isn’t everyone’s top priority at a trade show, especially for larger events with more than enough on-stand activities and presentations to keep attendees busy.

Whether you’re planning to network or if it happens naturally, there’s no denying that it can present positive opportunities, especially in specific subject areas such as clean label.

Connecting with peers, competitors and potential customers could present a new lead, partnership or collaboration. At the very least, you could unearth a new acquaintance, build your LinkedIn network or plant a seed for a future opportunity.

5. Differentiate and highlight your business

Whether you’re a sole representative walking the floor for one day or a team running an entire stand, trade shows provide a valuable platform to highlight your company’s contribution to the industry and specific trends, such as clean label.

Further to these five potential benefits, this year’s FiE Europe could provide clean label innovators with the chance to simply enjoy, learn from and be stimulated by a change of environment.

Visit us at Fi Europe

Fie Europe is less than two weeks away, so if, like us, you’re busy planning your attendance, schedule a visit to our stand to discuss the benefits of clean label and sample latest recipes created by our expert chefs and innovators. We’re waiting for your visit.

Book an appointment in advance to sample our innovative recipes.

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