Diverse Diets Insight Part Three: Health-Conscious, Busy Parents and Carers

In part three of our diverse diets insight blog series, we examine the needs of Sarah, a busy teacher who also has a baby daughter and elderly father to care for. Read more to explore the needs of consumers who value health and nutrition, but have little time to cook and eat.


Consumer challenge

Sarah works full-time as a teacher, but also has a baby daughter and elderly father to care and cook for. Time is her most precious and scarce commodity and she finds it a challenge to feed herself and her family nutritious food with a full schedule of commitments.

Insight: Europe’s health-conscious parents and carers

Age: 35

Profession: Secondary school science teacher

Sporting activity: Yoga

Dietary needs: Healthy, nutritious food for the family

Health and nutrition pain points

  • Sarah teaches classes back-to-back from Monday to Friday, making time to exercise through yoga in the morning or at lunch time. In between, she needs snacks and foods that keep her energy levels up and can be eaten quickly.
  • She makes time gains by cooking one large meal every few days and re-heating the leftovers.
  • Like many consumers in the generation x demographic, Sarah places value on sitting down with her family and sharing healthy, nutritious dinners in the evening.
  • Setting a good example for her family and looking after herself are key for Sarah, so health and nutrition are high on her agenda.

Insight: Europe’s time-poor, health-focused parents and carers

Eating well while maintaining work and family responsibilities are common challenges faced by consumers across many demographics.

Consumers like Sarah need to snack throughout the day and seek small energy boosts that can be eaten quickly. These include smoothies, snacks bars and nuts and seed-based snacks.

For convenience items such as snack bars, clean label, low/reduced/no added sugar, no additives/preservatives and high-fibre are label claims Sarah typically seeks.

She is within the 75% of generation x that is willing to pay a premium for foods with health benefits[1].

Along with 63% of people in her demographic, Sarah loves cooking[2].  As she spends a lot of time at work, she feels it’s important to eat at home as part of a family unit.

When it comes to choosing food and beverage brands for her baby daughter and elderly father, Sarah is among the 73% of consumers that look more favourably on brands that are transparent about where and how their products were made, raised or grown[3].

Sarah favours making food from scratch with fresh ingredients, but if she does buy convenience foods for her family, she seeks clean label and better-for-you options[4].

Example recipes

To bring health-conscious parent Sarah’s needs and values to life, our culinology® experts have developed and tested some sample recipes at our Ingredion Idea Labs.

Access sample recipes for health-conscious parents and carers here through our health and nutrition hub.

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[4] Category Insight: Cereal, Energy & Snack Bars Author: Mintel. Date: April 2017.

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